Capstone — Week 14

“The Shape of Yoga” physical visualization prototype is taking shape again in a more refined design. As I have shared in the last few weeks, meetings with key constituents, art and design professionals, and colleagues, have helped cultivate and enhance the visualization and its language over time. And now it is time to build again.

The Building Process

It’s almost time to present my work, so construction is in full swing. “Week 14” was spent figuring out and refining the construction details, continuing to draw out (and reconfigure, and redraw, and reconfigure, and on it went, and more math) the sizing of shapes to fit within specific parameters.

Once I started building demo boxes and figuring out the space between them, it was clear measurements needed modifying. The boxes needed to be a hair smaller to allow for maneuverable space between them yet not too much so that they can fit as a group in the space constraints. The layout will mimic that of a calendar with a 12x12 base. At least that is what I have calculated. The new tile size is 1.25" high x 1.25" wide (depth will vary). The new size is represented by the blue box tiles in the following images.

Testing out physical dimensions and construction.

The planning and drawing have been rather time-consuming. And due to the petite size of the construction, it too is consuming quite a lot of time, more than I had anticipated.

Working with miniatures is not easy. The flaps in building the boxes can be quite small, making it a challenge with folding at the score lines and gluing the sides together. And gluing is a whole other challenge to tackle. I have tried a variety of glue options, and ultimately a simple tacky white cracking glue has shown the most promise with less mess and no visible residue. But the bigger challenge is holding the box in place long enough for the glue to set.

Patience is key. But time is depleting.

To counter the ticking clock, I will need to scale down the number of months I visualize in the final prototype of small multiples. I had already scaled down, by planning and cutting for six months. I’m thinking it may just be two to four at this point. I can always keep adding to the multiples post-presentation.

Cutting, counting and more testing.

Fingers crossed!

The Kit / Instructional

I continue to develop the idea of a marketable kit and/or free instructional with a simplified design, something quick and easy to use for others to make their own visualization at home. I hope to share more on this next time as it progresses.

Until the next post…




Designer. MFA in Interactive Media. BFA in Sculpture.

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Elizabeth Estefan

Elizabeth Estefan

Designer. MFA in Interactive Media. BFA in Sculpture.

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