Capstone — Week 6

Back to the 2D Relief Prototype

(L) Detail of a data visualization heat map prototype from early in the ideation process. (R) Newer Rough Sketch of the Heatmap Relief

I keep going back to my original heat map prototype, thinking about how I might enrich it. A thought hit me about time and evolution, that over time, yogis’ practice evolve as they progress, as their lives change and their priorities shift. And in part, glimpses of this may be reflected in the data. So why not focus on the different aspects of data in the visualization for different time periods, express the changes in sections but present it as a whole unit.

This is just a stirring idea that I feel is transforming and may present itself in another iteration later on. What might that look like visually? And what if the relief is developed over time, how might it evolve? Or can these different focus overlap and layer? Or might it have a consistent pattern regardless?

Alternatively, a single data thread through time may be all that is needed. Ultimately, as I have come to understand, showing up for yourself, the act of practice on and off the mat is key. And in the physical data, the foundation is the act of practice. That is the main data tread beneath the other data points. So that is the one thread that ultimately remains even if all other data is stripped away.

Mobility? in Shapes

During earlier ideation, and continued now, I have a nagging interest in the yogi practice of setting an intention — “bringing your attention and awareness to a quality or virtue you wish to cultivate for your practice both on and off of your mat” — at the start of practice (, October 27, 2020, by Ahalia Hoffman). I have mentioned the use of intentions in practice possibly a few times over the weeks. I find it curious what others might set as their intentions. How similar or dissimilar are they—and we—to each other?

I keep thinking intentions may be a key to audience interactivity. And I continue to wonder how I might incorporate textual intentions. With the train of thought that intentions are intimate “sort of” wishes, and continuing from my “Week 5” log and the idea of a nook or hiding place for jotted intentions, maybe they can be tucked away behind the tiles. Maybe the tiles can be mobile, on hinges possibly, and the audience can peek behind the tiles to read the messages.

Mobility sketches

My theory is fundamentally we want a lot of the same fundamental things in life—happiness, health, love, family, security, to improve who we are, to improve our environment and to help our community to mention a few.

How might seeing this data change us?

Let’s leave it at that for today. Until next time.




Designer. MFA in Interactive Media. BFA in Sculpture.

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Elizabeth Estefan

Elizabeth Estefan

Designer. MFA in Interactive Media. BFA in Sculpture.

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